Special Ops Snipers in Line for New Ammo

Special Ops Snipers in Line for New Ammo

The 5.56x45mm SS109 Cartridge

This post contains a September 1984 magazine article from SWAT magazine that discusses the SS109 cartridge that was in the process of being adopted at the time and contains seven tables of test data.

The 9x23MM

The 9×23 is one of those rounds quickly being forgotten with time. The idea was to offer up a round designed to win the various action handgun competitions. The caseContinue reading “The 9x23MM”

Coming Soon? – The 8mm Super Carry

Someone at Vista Outdoors must have been huffing Hoppes No. 9 and binge-watching Forgotten Weapons videos:

“Let’s revive the 7.65mm French Longue as a modern high-performance, self-defense cartridge!”


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