The 9x23MM

The 9×23 is one of those rounds quickly being forgotten with time. The idea was to offer up a round designed to win the various action handgun competitions. The caseContinue reading “The 9x23MM”

Coming Soon? – The 8mm Super Carry

Someone at Vista Outdoors must have been huffing Hoppes No. 9 and binge-watching Forgotten Weapons videos:

“Let’s revive the 7.65mm French Longue as a modern high-performance, self-defense cartridge!”

Tom Burczynski’s Latest Projectile Design

Folks may not recognize Burczynski’s name, but they definitely know at least one of his commercial projectile designs: Hydra-Shok, Starfire, Quik-Shok, EFMJ/Guard Dog, and Golden Saber Black Belt.


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