Nambu Pistol Series

From Rock Island Armory Of all the things you own that were made in Japan, we’re betting a Nambu pistol isn’t one of them. The Nambu pistol series was developed by Lieutenant General Kijiro Nambu in 1092, who claimed the design for Japan, but it looked a lot like the Mauser C96 Japanese officials admiredContinue reading “Nambu Pistol Series”

GR103 40mm M-79 Round

Rare GR103 40mm M-79 Round. With it an antenna wire could be fire through triple canopy jungle for better reception. I am not sure who would want to give away their position by trying this gimmick though,

Fence erected outside FBI headquarters DC after ‘imminent’ threats

The barricades were put up over the weekend as the bureau warned about an increase of threats against federal officials. Federal law enforcement officers are facing “real” and “imminent” threats, according to the head of the FBI Agents Association.Hoffman also pointed out how the FBI is used to being threatened by criminals, but recently, theContinue reading Fence erected outside FBI headquarters DC after ‘imminent’ threats

A Cool Mix Of New & Old

I saw this on instagram and I have no idea who makes it. I love the Vietnam war era mitchell pattern camo used on the M1 helmets. It’s iconic.

Some gun show colts

I went to a local gun show this past Saturday. It was a dogshit show with nothing much at all. One guy had these and I bought an original set of grips for my Combat Target for 10 bucks from him, Great deal. The above gun has grips made of real Egyptian Cobra skin.