3 Day weekend

I’ve decided to take advantage of the 3 day weekend and give myself a little break. I usually don’t post much on Saturday and Sunday anyways, so I’m going to extended that to Monday. Normality will resume on Tuesday.

Eli Dicken’s Gun

From 1911SFOREVER on ARFCOM Eli Dicken is the upstanding young man that shut down what would have been a horrific mass shooting event in Greenwood Indiana in July of 2022.   At the time there was great speculation in GD what pistol/equipment he used.  I can now definitively put that to rest.  Young Dicken’s lawyerContinue reading “Eli Dicken’s Gun”

Berryhill Colt 1911

pistol_purview Colt 1911 in .45 ACP by master gunsmith Dave Berryhill of Prosper Texas. Dave was an armorer for various SWAT and law enforcement teams for over twenty years. In other words, he made guns for men who aimed to go into harms way. Dave succumbed to cancer at age 54. If you handle gunsContinue reading “Berryhill Colt 1911”