Free At Last !

Biden has swapped a Russian arms dealer for noted America hating tranny, Bret Grndr. “Let me tell you what’s gonna happen. This way you can prepare yourself. Okay. Soon there’s gonna be a knock on that door and you will be called outside. In the hall there will be a man who outranks you. First,Continue reading “Free At Last !”

Case Head Separations

by: Germán A. Salazar If you’ve been reloading for a while, you’ve probably experienced some case head separations.  If you haven’t yet, you probably will sooner or later.  At a recent match, I had fired four shots when I had a case head separation.  When the case head separated, the forward portion of the case remained stuckContinue reading “Case Head Separations”

New FN 9Ti 9mm Suppressor

FN’s First Commercial Pistol Suppressor Designed for Reduced Blowback and Effective Sound Suppression Delivers an Unmatched Shooting Experience (McLean, VA – December 6, 2022) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its first commercial pistol suppressor, the FN Rush™ 9Ti. This highly reliable, durable and versatile 9mm pistol suppressor is made fromContinue reading “New FN 9Ti 9mm Suppressor”