T-58 Survival Kit

Who wouldn’t want this kit?

Death Wish 2018

Remember 2018? Boy… a lot has happened since then, huh? One of the small films that came out that year was Eli Roth’s remake of Death Wish, starring Bruce Willis.…

Holy Ammo Kit

A throw back to Iraq in 2003/2004…Carrier, Chaplains Kit, Desert. Although these were intended to carry a Chaplains kit (2 carriers contained the contents of one kit for field religious…

Vintage Varminting

One of the fellas shared this bit of history. Above is a custom Mauser varmint rifle chambered in the excellent .219 Donaldson Wasp. On it he has a 10 Unertl.

Custom S&W 1917

1917ish hand ejector converted to 45 ACP/AR with scads of custom touches.-Karl

Mystery Custom Colt 1911

Like a moth to a flame. . . I, for no good reason, seek and acquire these old custom 45s. Often with no pedigree, sometimes crudely executed, sometimes masterfully, and…


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