Vintage Varminting

One of the fellas shared this bit of history. Above is a custom Mauser varmint rifle chambered in the excellent .219 Donaldson Wasp. On it he has a 10 Unertl.

Custom S&W 1917

1917ish hand ejector converted to 45 ACP/AR with scads of custom touches.-Karl

Mystery Custom Colt 1911

Like a moth to a flame. . . I, for no good reason, seek and acquire these old custom 45s. Often with no pedigree, sometimes crudely executed, sometimes masterfully, and occasionally some of both. The reason I tell myself, I suppose, is the desire to study other and older methods, styles, and executions, many thatContinue reading “Mystery Custom Colt 1911”

Colt Canada 2023

Brent got these pics of some of the sweet rifles from Colt Canada at SHOT.

Light Bullets In 1/7 Twist

Years ago it was a common myth online that the military 1/7 twist would not shoot light bullets well. Thats bullshit of course. I set up a 18X Luepold on a Colt 6940 and used some of my 40grain ballistic tip handloads to demonstrate this.

Jim Clark Long Slide Colt

Pistol_purview Jim Clark Colt long slide in .45 ACP. Clark was a highly decorated and accomplished Marine sniper. He also competed in NRA Bullseye Pistol competition for twenty-eight years, finally retiring in 1975. Clark won the National Pistol Championship in 1958 and is the only civilian ever to accomplish this feat. He won the NationalContinue reading “Jim Clark Long Slide Colt”