Let’s See Whitworths Shoot!

In our ongoing tribute to our now deceased friend “Hognose” , owner of weaponsman.com , we repost   his best articles.  Kevin O’Brien   US Army Special Forces . Let’s See Whitworths Shoot! Last month we had a couple posts on the Sharpshooters of the Civil War, and on the Confederates’ unique Whitworth rifle. Fred Ray, who’s writtenContinue reading “Let’s See Whitworths Shoot!”

Kalashnikov USA KR9

The Kalashnikov 9MM AK had some ..issues. After my friend emailed them and told them what happened. Then they saw my IG post about it, they were quick to ship out a replacement part. The gun worked fine today. I was able to get prone and fire a 15 round group at the target 50Continue reading “Kalashnikov USA KR9”


Arfcom User N_Parker posted a great review on the STRIBOG SP9A1 So I took the plunge into the unknown and purchased a Stribog as soon as they became available. Pending a range report, I am really liking this pistol but I do have a couple of concerns. I am hoping these take-off in popularity makingContinue reading “STRIBOG SP9A1”

Colt SCW Stock

My friend, and friend of the website, Alex Brooks got one of the Colt SCW side folding stocks that are now out for sale and put one on his very cool Colt 6945 SBR. He reports he loves it and will have video for us soon.

AR15 & Unertl Combo

I have seen various mounts for a Unertl to work on an AR15. The earliest I’ve seen was done by a USMC RTE armorer in Vietnam. It mounted the USMC contract 8X Unertl to an M16. Reading his comments on it gave me the impression he did it just to see if he could doContinue reading “AR15 & Unertl Combo”

Crawford Customs Colt

pistol_purview Richard A Crawford (1935-2017) was a US Army paratrooper who served in Korea and later as a Dutchess County (NY) deputy sheriff. Dick was on the 1976 US Olympic Pistol Team and later built bullseye guns like this one through his shop Crawford Customs in Pleasant Valley NY. D45 “skip line” grips by SteveContinue reading “Crawford Customs Colt”

Bobby Cogan Colt

pistol_purview Old school 70 series Colt by Bobby Cogan. It’s all there for me—welded and fit factory Colt barrel is snug AF, Swenson ambi safety, front and rear cocking serrations, checkered front strap, MSH, and rear of the slide, gross Millet rear site, 3 hole Greider trigger, magwell, and BLACK CHROME (not blue) slide overContinue reading “Bobby Cogan Colt”