KGB Custom Long Slide M1911s

Pretty Special pair of Longslides for the one and only Jimmy at Sarah15 Auctions. Anytime another industry professional wants my stuff it is an honor. Jim and crew handle some of the finest hardware in the country. The guns, sequentially #’d KGB frames, 9mm Longslides with 38 Super barrels fit. One in Stainless, one blued.Continue reading “KGB Custom Long Slide M1911s”

FN SCAR-L Review

A oldie but a goodie saved from the old site. A test and review of the SCAR-L by us has been long in coming. Over the past few days, we did finally got a chance to test and evaluate a SCAR. I shot it in some drills and did accuracy testing of it in myContinue reading “FN SCAR-L Review”

Steyr AUGA3 Review

I am not a fan of bullpups. In fact, you could say I hate the things. But, there is  an exception to every rule and now, my exception is the AUG.  Since the 80s, I have always admired the AUG as a cool exotic weapon that was hard to get my paws on here andContinue reading “Steyr AUGA3 Review”


From watching them pop out of Secret Service brief cases during the assassination attempt on Pres. Reagan, to reading stories of Israeli conflicts and African bush wars on the pages of Soldier of Fortune Magazine, to hearing Arnold Schanzegger ask for a “UZI nine millah meetah” in the first Terminator film I think few couldContinue reading “Uzi”