Machete Restoration

Got a Vietnam name era machete finally but it was pretty rusty. Not so bad as to be a major problem but nasty. So I got a jug of vinegar and poured it in a big tub enough to cover the blade.I swished the vinegar into the scabbard to make sure it got anything insideContinue reading “Machete Restoration”

Steyr Hahn Restoration

Here’s something a little different today. A restoration of an absolutely nasty Model 1912 Steyr Hahn pistol. I’m sure some of you on here will have better methods of restoration but this was thill an interesting watch.

Some Worthwhile Interviews

Here are a few interviews with veterans from different wars. There are a lot on the American Veterans Center YouTube channel but here is a sampling to get you started. The last one will stick with you. Iraq Vietnam Korea World War II

Backpacking: Get wet

No, not like that you degenerates, foul weather. Now that you’ve finally left your house and are out backpacking, camping, hiking etc you will need to consider foul weather or rain gear. This would be part of the planning process to begin with,  as you’ll want it to balance with your area, situation and type ofContinue reading “Backpacking: Get wet”