USS Missouri’s Guns

Came across this video of the inside of the USS Missouri’s gun’s being loaded. It is pretty neat to see the process from the inside. I found it interesting so thought I would share it. Here is another look at the next stage, one of the firing mechanisms. And finally the money shot, one thatContinue reading “USS Missouri’s Guns”

Forensics Follow Up

In the vein of the stereotypical middle manager or SNCO; “to piggyback of what he said…”With the other days repost on Forensics, sometimes even basic things are a give away. Ran across this guy out at the old quarry in the desert this past week. Looked like a 300 blackout or 7.62×39 at first glanceContinue reading “Forensics Follow Up”

The Tropical Rucksack

I stole below from so if you want to see a little more go check them out. Development of the Tropical Rucksack (a.k.a. Jungle Rucksack) began in 1965 when MACV requested a nylon version of the ARVN pack from Natick Labs for evaluation purposes. However, after initial testing the rucksack had to be significantly redesigned in order toContinue reading “The Tropical Rucksack”