Some Upcoming Content

So I got one of the Otte Gear Aloha Shirts and was planning to write a blurb or review of it. I took pictures and everything. Then something felt familiar about it. And I realized that Shawn had already done the exact same thing! So that was out. But honestly though they are awesome shirts.Continue reading “Some Upcoming Content”

Survival Kit

A survival kit is supposed to be everything you would need to survive for a week that you can keep on you at all times. Typically, or at least ideally, in a pocket. That way it is easy to keep with you and you will be less likely to leave it behind. Usually this willContinue reading “Survival Kit”

The Capture of Kwajalein

78 years ago today, February 1st 1944, Operation Flintlock began. The operation was the capture of the Marshall Islands. The job of capturing Kwajalein fell to the 7th Infantry Division while the 4th Marine Division simultaneously captured Roi and Namur. The 7th had quite the varied experience in WWII, the battle previously was in theContinue reading “The Capture of Kwajalein”

Operation Double Eagle

No not the effort to make a dud of a pistol, but one of the last true amphibious operations to take place. 56 years ago today, January 28th 1966, Operation Eagle commenced. It was a joint operation with the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force and the South Vietnamese 2nd Division. It was also launched in conjunctionContinue reading “Operation Double Eagle”

Operation Masher

56 years ago today, January 26th 1966, Operation Masher kicked off. There actually seems to be some debate as to the start of the operation, sources citing the 24th, 26th and 28th as the true beginning. Lasting until March 6th, it was a large scale search and destroy mission involving the US 1st Cavalry Division,Continue reading “Operation Masher”

Just Some Videos

Saw these today and found them interesting, thought maybe you would too. For the gear whores here is a pretty no nonsense guy who has been there done that talking about how he set up his plate carrier and why. And for the gun nuts thought this was interesting. Goes to show that it doesn’tContinue reading “Just Some Videos”

Ho Ho Ho…

…Now I have a machine gun I did a poll last Christmas asking what people thought Santa would run. I got a lot of wild suggestions but the most common was some form of belt fed. Follow by various suppressed guns. So since I don’t have access to anything belt fed anymore these days, IContinue reading “Ho Ho Ho…”

The M1 Garand in Vietnam

If you aren’t already poking your head in at WWII After WWII you are missing out. Here’s one particular article that seems a perfect fit for the readership. Make sure to give him a read as you can tell a lot of effort goes into his articles. Since starting wwiiafterwwii, numerous people have contacted meContinue reading “The M1 Garand in Vietnam”