From Richard H. Dick James 55 years ago, 13 May 1967, I was the Staff Sergeant Demolition Sergeant on Detachment A-422 (Vinh Gia), 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), in the western Mekong Delta (IV Corps) of South Vietnam, 2,000 meters from the Cambodian border. I was on my 6-month voluntary extension in Vietnam. The MobileContinue reading “OPERATION BLACKJACK 41C”

History: Bill Brophy

A follow up post on a man I have talked about in the past at length myself. The most significant man at Aberdeen Proving Ground, in 1941, was General Julian Hatcher. Hatcher was one of the most prominent members of the nation’s shooting fraternity. He was also the Commanding General of the Ordnance Training Center.Continue reading “History: Bill Brophy”

Captured PAVN Flag

I thought I would show this to you guys before I sent it off. A bring back PAVN ( NVA) flag capture from a Vietnam vet. The owner of SOGsite is helping the 5th Special Forces Group at Ft Cambell put together a SOG display at their museum and I am donating it along withContinue reading “Captured PAVN Flag”

Chet Gaston

This guy must have been something else! Above you can see the card he carried in his wallet.