2021 National Firearms Survey

Interesting results. Firearms ownership 32% (probably understated: some gun owners don’t like to reveal that to strangers). One-third have used gun at least once in self-defense, amounting to 1.67 million defensive gun uses per year. 48% of gun owners own or have owned magazines that hold over ten rounds, and 30%, or over 24 million,Continue reading “2021 National Firearms Survey”

Top. Woman. Fakes Covid

She should have been arrested just for being dumb enough to think no one would find out. Coworkers of a Florida sheriff’s detective donated hundreds of their sick-leave hours to her, believing she was severely ill with COVID-19, but she was faking the entire thing, authorities said. Trent Kellee Freeman, 38, even went so farContinue reading “Top. Woman. Fakes Covid”