SHOT Show Day One: We Came Across Kamikaze Drones, Robots With Shotguns, And The “Briefcase Gun

From Zerohedge, showing us all the new things our tax dollars will be buying for Ukraine to protect DC’s money laundering country. Hello from the 45th SHOT Show at the Venetian Expo and Caesars Forum in Las Vegas. Today is day one of four, and more than 2,500 exhibitors from the firearm and outdoor industryContinue reading “SHOT Show Day One: We Came Across Kamikaze Drones, Robots With Shotguns, And The “Briefcase Gun”

S&W New 5.7x28mm MP

SPRINGFIELD, MA., (1/17/2023) – Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ Global Select: SWBI), a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, is proud to announce the new full-size M&P®5.7 pistol with a 22-round capacity. In an effort to enhance the performance of the increasingly popular 5.7x28mm round in a polymer handgun platform, Smith & Wesson setContinue reading “S&W New 5.7x28mm MP”

New Gemtech Upper GVAC

Say as Gay Vac? SPRINGFIELD, MA., (1/16/2023) – Gemtech®, a leader in cutting-edge innovation and visionary designs within the suppressor industry, is proud to introduce the mid-length GVACTM Upper Receiver Group. The Gemtech GVAC is a complete upper assembly optimized for suppressed shooting. With its patented design, the GVAC barrel and gas system significantly reducesContinue reading “New Gemtech Upper GVAC”

BFG Vickers Lightweight Slings

POOLER, GA—The growing popularity of pistol caliber carbines and lightweight AR-style rifles has resulted in rising demand for lighter, slimmer slings.  In response, BFG has added the Vickers SMG Sling, previously a limited-time offering, to its product line for 2023.  The Vickers SMG Sling includes the exclusive BFG reducing loop that makes it easy toContinue reading “BFG Vickers Lightweight Slings”

Shadow Systems DR920 Pistol

Las Vegas, NV (January, 2023) – American pistol manufacturer Shadow Systems has announced the release of its newest pistol, the DR920L, at SHOT Show 2023. The DR920L is built on same frame as the brand’s top-selling duty-role 9mm, the DR920, and features a lengthened top end. Shadow Systems’ DR920L adds a full sight radius 5.3Continue reading “Shadow Systems DR920 Pistol”

ATF Declares Braced Pistols Illegal, Demands Registration Or Face Jail Time

Submitted by Gun Owners Of America., The ATF has finally unveiled its “final rule” regarding pistol braces. This rule, also called “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached Stabilizing Braces,” could result in serious criminal charges for owners of up to 40 million guns if they do not register their braced firearms with ATF GOA’s LegalContinue reading “ATF Declares Braced Pistols Illegal, Demands Registration Or Face Jail Time”