AMD-65 In The Vietnam War

AMD-65 variants of the AK used in the Vietnam War

The Farmer 1977

The Farmer is a film that was, for a long time, considered a “lost movie”. Having had a small theatrical release and a couple of airings on cable, it then seemed to disappear. Now is a good time to rediscover it. The Farmer is a pure B movie, grindhouse-style action movie from the late 70sContinue reading “The Farmer 1977”

The Remington Model 37

In October 1932, Remington officials decided to produce a target grade, bolt action .22 caliber target rifle to compete with the Winchester model 52.

Winchester Model 52B

The Model 52 Winchester is regarded as one of Winchesters true masterpieces of the ancient world. It came about after the United States’  came back from WW1. At that time a lot of returning vets had grown to like the bolt action rifle over the lever action guns used for many years.   Thought up asContinue reading “Winchester Model 52B”