Lancay M-11 EOD Knife

After briefly reading about the M11 EOD knife, I figured that I would never actually see one in person as they were not made in large numbers. I was dumbfounded when the store owner held up what was actually and M11 EOD knife.

Klymit Static V2 Review

TL;DR: Not for me Last year I decided to try out an inflatable air mattress on our annual backpacking trip. I’ve always used either an original Thermarest 3/4 length pad or a Thermarest RidgeRest. Tried and true options but bulky and not particularly comfortable with their one inch or less of padding. After doing someContinue reading “Klymit Static V2 Review”

Holy Ammo Kit

A throw back to Iraq in 2003/2004…Carrier, Chaplains Kit, Desert. Although these were intended to carry a Chaplains kit (2 carriers contained the contents of one kit for field religious services) these carriers were great for carrying extra 30-round magazines. We used them to carry an additional basic load (210 rounds) tucked away neatly inContinue reading “Holy Ammo Kit”

The Search For A Gun Cart. Yes, A Gun Cart!

A decent gun cart would make it simple for me to empty some (or all) of my safe as needed. Additionally, a rack would enable them to sit securely without risk of falling over or otherwise getting damaged.