McRae Footwear Jungleboots

The McRae jungle boots promised earlier this year are now out for sell. McRae Footwear has manufactured a run of Green Jungle Boots with Panama Soles. The only cosmetic difference between these and the ones issued from the 60s through the 90s is the inclusion of barrel lacing rather than traditional eyelets. –Thats not exactlyContinue reading “McRae Footwear Jungleboots”

Vintage Varminting

One of the fellas shared this bit of history. Above is a custom Mauser varmint rifle chambered in the excellent .219 Donaldson Wasp. On it he has a 10 Unertl.

New Tiger Stripe

My Vietnamese friend, Hau and one of his friends still in Vietnam have started a project to remake several types of ARVN uniforms. One of them is my favorite pattern of tiger stripes. The VNMC pattern, or “seawave” as some call it. Hau took my sizes and had his friend in Vietnam ship me aContinue reading “New Tiger Stripe”