A butcher reportedly died while trying to slaughter a pig in Hong Kong last Friday.  Yep, that old chestnut. Nature Fights back! The 61-year-old butcher was knocked to the ground by the struggling pig and wounded by a 15-inch meat cleaver, according to city police. Anyone ever expect to read that sentence ? The butcherContinue reading “WHEN GUNS ARE OUTLAWED ONLY OUTLAWS WILL BE SWINE”

Protected & Served

We got us another edition of Protected & Served. This time it doesn’t end all that tragically. The Top. Men. only managed to take out one of his own this time. Two complete and utter dumb-asses taken off the streets. UPS drivers in Florida can now rest a little easier at least. A young FloridaContinue reading “Protected & Served”

Protected & Served!

NYC’s finest shows why they are the elite of the elite while keeping the citizens safe from the bad guys. An NYPD cruiser plowed into a Bronx corner full of pedestrians while driving on the wrong side of the road during an emergency call Thursday — injuring 10 people, including two children, police said. Nice job.Continue reading “Protected & Served!”