Having a firearm that is readily accessible and safely secure from unwanted access can be a challenge sometimes.  
You must weigh the ease of access in an emergency, so you can deploy your firearm quickly against a threat, as well as the safety of others who you don’t want to have access to a firearm.  For years this was not too much of a concern for me.  I had a few firearms in my night stand drawer and I had no kids around the might want to snoop. 
Times have changed and I needed to upgrade to a safer mode of protecting the access to the defensive firearms in the home.   I did a lot of research on what looked like it would work. I had seen a lot of the cheap, complicated, and hard to quickly access safes.
I was getting discouraged on the options out there when I found the GunVault series of safes. I purchased the single handgun safe, the GunVault Mini Deluxe.

The GunVault Mini Deluxe has several key features that I want in a quick access safe.  It is very easy to use, has an internal light, is large enough for a full sized handgun with light and spare magazine.  The best feature is, the Deluxe model in these safes have both batteries and an external power adapter. Mine came with an AC wall adapter. This is key in case of power loss in the home and it also helps the batteries to last longer.  I have had this particular Mini Deluxe for three years and I just recently replaced the batteries.  The batteries still worked, but it is recommended they be replace yearly.  This safe has been used basically on a daily basis, opening and closing it repeatedly over the last three years. I have been very impressed with how it is holding up on daily use. The safe has a sixteen (16) steel gauge housing and weights about nine (9) lbs.  The inside is nicely, full foam padded. It is easy to know when one of the kids has messed with it as there is a tamper light to let you know when the wrong code has been used.

The GunVault Deluxe safes have a tamper proof spring loaded door.  When you punch in your code the door springs open quickly for fast access.  The door is very forceful when opening.  There are rubber stops in front of the door to avoid it slamming on to the surface the safe is on.
The finger code pads are large within a handprint, have a positive feel and audible tone . 
I have accessed the safe in the middle of the night, with just ambient light,  under stress with no problem. The safes also come with a key incase of total power loss.  This key is specific to the safe you have and will not open other GunVault safes. 
The safes come with mounting gear and a mounting diagram for securing the safe to the floor or a night stand.  I prefer to place four (4) rubber pads on the corners of my safes instead of mounting them.  The rubber pads insure the safe does not slide on the surface it’s on.

I have been so impressed with the Mini Deluxe safe that I now have several located throughout my home.  I recently purchased the Multi Deluxe safe, basically it’s the same in quality and performance.
It’s a lot larger, weighing about fourteen (14) lbs. The Multi Deluxe can handle several firearms and the gear you want to put in it.   I was able to easily place four full size handguns and spare magazines in the Multi Deluxe.

The GunVault safes have been very good safes for me, some for several years.  I feel they are a very great option for the person who needs quick access to a firearm but wants the peace of mind that the gun is secure until it is needed.  I also feel the GunVault’s fit the lifestyle of the armed processional or Concealed Carry civilian who access’s a firearm everyday and wants that firearm safely secured in a reliable safe.
While I have not gone through every feature of the Deluxe models, for the price they are hard to beat.  If you look around they can be found at or under one hundred dollars. 
GunVault also offers standard models and biometric finger print activated models. The standard safes being almost the same price, but without the key feature of an outside power adapter, are not worth it.  The Biometric models will cost you on average about one hundred dollars more.


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