Ah Independence Day. Hot dogs, hamburgers, booze, sun and fireworks related death.

” Floyd Temple, a 61-year-old from Toledo, Ohio, died on Tuesday after being hit with fireworks, square in the chest. ”

According to the Toledo Blade, police were alerted of a “disorder of fireworks” being shot off at Lagrange Street, and arrived at 12:38 a.m., where they found that Toledo firefighters were already on the scene and had pronounced Temple dead. In this case , just in time to bag and tag him.

Witnesses, as well as Pvt. Sterling Rahe, a spokesman for the Toledo Fire & Rescue Department, said that Temple was setting off fireworks for the neighborhood children all day, when the display tipped over and went off, striking him in the chest.

“He tried to fire off a rocket that goes up into the sky and it backfired and took his chest off,” Temple’s friend, Benjamin Avalos, told Toledo’s WTOL-TV.

Temple was killed instantly by the fireworks. The kids who witnessed the incident quickly ran over to a neighbor to alert him of what happened.

“[The kids] were sitting over there, they’re probably traumatized right now,” neighbor Rick Tuggle said. “I never thought this would even happen over here.”

As the Toledo Police Department noted to the Blade, setting off fireworks is strictly illegal in Ohio and can result in arrest, depending on the circumstances. Proof once again that laws work. I’m sure Mr. Temple was properly cited and has learned his lesson after shooting off fireworks for the kids “all day”

What a shame. As Hognose would say ” think of it as evolution in action”.


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