What’s a New Years eve without a few traumatic amputations from stupid fireworks use?

A 27-year-old Florida man partially severed his hand — and will likely need to have it amputated — after he lit a firework inside a truck, according to reports.

Setting of explosives inside a car seems like a good idea in theory…

A 911 caller reported that a firework exploded in a man’s hand on Saturday, investigators told The Deltona Beach News-Journal.

“Yes, barely, barely, barely,” the caller told a dispatcher when asked if the hand was still attached after the loud explosion. oof.

The caller then yelled about the man, identified as Corey Waugh, 27, of Deltona: “The hand is gone, the (expletive) hand is gone … we have a tourniquet on.

At the scene, deputies found the driver of the truck, Kyle Lafleur, 27, of Longwood, holding Waugh’s left arm, according to a police report obtained by the News-Journal.

A deputy used a tourniquet to help slow the bleeding and rushed Waugh to Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford, according to the report. Luckily for moron, there was a decent Top Man, there to help or he may well have bled out.

A disoriented Lefleur, who said he could not hear out of his left ear, told police he was driving with Waugh as his passenger. He only remembers lighting a cigarette when he heard an explosion, the paper reported. uh huh..

The police report indicated that deputies discovered a rocket-propelled aerial cluster burst firework in the vehicle.

Waugh had apparently taken the rocket motor off the firework and then lit the fuse on the aerial cluster burst while holding it in his left hand, the paper reported.

“The fusing system on the starburst projectile is a no-delay fuse system which caused the projectile to explode immediately in the victim’s hand once introduced to the flame of the lighter, causing significant injury to the victim’s left hand,” deputies wrote in the report, obtained by the outlet. Classic understatement I’m betting. Sounds more like catastrophic disassembly to me.

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