Dan shared this last night on the facebook page. A WW1 Colt M1911 with the Colt historical letter. With it is a great grouping of the belt , holster canteen etc. The company issue brass rod cleaning kit is something you know I lust for. You can also see the WW1 trench knife, a manual and original 230 grain ball ammo.

And another piece of 1911 was shared by Jason Burton. Below is a Swenson masterpiece.

Swenson was a custom 1911 gunsmith who is more or less single highhandedly responsible for the 1911 looking and being what it is today. In style and some would say fashion. Swenson popularized the two tone look, with the hard chromed frame and blued slide. He developed and hand made the ambi thumb safety that has been copied a zillion times over. As you see above he was fond of the squared trigger guard. I’m not crazy about that one myself. At the time serious shooters thought it helped them get a better grip. Spoiler alert. It doesn’t.

Like most others at the time he liked the ramped front sight. One of the things he innovated is the S&W revolver rear site installed on the 1911. Something that is not an easy trick to pull off. The site will fly off the gun from the recoil. It was never meant to be mounted to a part that moves but he came up with a nifty solution.

A top down view of the site. You can see the bolt and lug he used to keep it in place.

Very valuable collectors items today. But they could still keep up with any modern custom 1911 for fighting or competition.

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