If you find some unexploded ordnance in the back 40. Don’t take a grinder to it to see whats inside.

“The neighborhood of the Doorslaardam was startled by a loud bang around 2.20 pm. The explosion occurred behind a house where a man had tried to break open a explosive shell. It is said to be a shell from World War II that the victim had found in the Ardennes. It is not yet clear how the accident could happen, but the man reportedly tried to open the shell with a grinding wheel and sparked the fatal detonation.

The emergency services were quickly on the spot, but there was no more help for the victim. He died on the spot. The police are currently on the scene for an investigation into the correct circumstances.”

Yea I am pretty sure he could be mopped up and squeezed into a jar now. Good thing for the neighbors it wasn’t an old phosgene shell from WW1

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