You know, it’s that same old story. Favorite sportsball team wins some meaningless game and you get so excited that you just have to set off some fireworks to show just how happy you are.

Following the victory, thousands of fans took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles, but the festivities quickly turned chaotic as the crowd started to let off fireworks and failed to disperse. 

Officer Christopher Gonzalez was trying to diffuse tensions between fellow officers and Lakers fans when he came across the man who had accidentally detonated a pyrotechnic device and ‘blew off most of his hands,’ according to LAPD Chief Michel Moore. 

Guess he won’t be doing that again. Or wiping his own ass.

Viewers of the video concurred, with several stating that it shows a positive perspective of police officers that has been missing amid widespread anti-cop protests that have roiled the country in recent months. 

‘The Officer probably saved the man’s life . Uncontrolled bleeding can cause death in a short period of time,’ one wrote. 

‘Whatever they’re paying you folks, it isn’t enough. Thanks for serving and stay safe out there. Police are our heroes! Every one of you,’ another stated.

A third person chimed in: ‘ his video is great. It shows a side of policing the media doesn’t show’. Screw that, it’s great because we get to see an idiot blow his own mitts off because he’s an idiot .

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