Friend and SOG Recon Vet ,Schofield Steven shares what he carried on missions.

What I carried when on a SOG/CCN, hatchet force BDA in Laos, May 1968. I weighed 140 lbs.

Weapon- AR-15 with one 18 rd. magazine

Web gear:Pistol belt and suspenders with battle dressings taped inside for a cushion 28 loaded magazines in 4 canteen covers

Knives- 1 demo knife around neck with compass, Puma, white hunter, sheath knife2 canteens

1 Frag grenade4 mini smoke canisters

Indigenous ruck with:Bandoleer with 120, 5.56 rds. (Total 642, 5.56 rds.)

100 -7.62 machine gun rds.

Grenades- 6 frag, 1WP and 1 smoke

Mines- 1 Claymore, 6 Toe poppers1-60mm Mortar rd.

Medical supplies, meds, dressings, cravats, 1 IV and 1 serum albumin

3 sand bags

4 indigenous rations, 1 can fruit cocktail Pockets:

20 – Eldest Son, Ak-47 rds

.1 hydrated Indigenous ration Strip map

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