Above is the Custom Martini single shot rifle chambered in my beloved .218 Bee. I first got my hands on this gun back int he 90s when It was loaned to me from Brady. Brady had put it together for his wife to use to varmint hunt with him. That didn’t turn out so it set in the safe for decades until it was loaned to me to play with. I wanted it ever since. Last weekend my friend sold it to me and now I can die complete.

Brady took a Martini Henry Cadet and used the action only. The gun has a Douglas match air gauged barrel chambered in .218 Bee. He made the stock and mounted a Unertl 8X

You may notice a hole in the rear of the receiver. This was done so cleaning from the chamber end can be accomplished.

The Martini Cadet had no safety, so Brady made a simple trigger blocking safety on the trigger guard.

A box of brass from back in the day. Remember when it used to come that way?

The gun with my pet load produces 3/4 MOA groups at 100 yards. Hitting clap pigeons at 300 yards was one of my favorite targets. I have went on at length in the past about why I prefer the 218 over the lame and over rated .22 hornet. The handicap for the 218 has always been that it is found in factory guns that are lever actions and factory ammo uses rounded nosed lighter weight bullets. I use bullets up to 55 grains in weight using ballistic tips and hollow point match bullets.

A day that I been waiting on for 23 years. Shooting Brady’s custom .218 Bee again. Above is me shooting it yesterday ( by the time you read this) 2020. Below is me with it in 1997.

Jesus has it really been that long? Kind of a lot has happened since then. Let’s see, I bought some guns, I traded some guns. Hair went gray and then just went. Oh and this website. Anyway… The gun has always been super accurate. One of the many reasons I lusted for it. When I got the gun Brady gave me back the hand loads I had worked up for it and gave to him when I returned the gun. All these years later they still shoot great.

There is a 5 shot group at 100 yards. And this time I will even tell you the load because few people will have a single shot rifle capable of shooting 52 grain HPBTs. Don’t say I never give you guys anything. Also I am not responsible for you blowing up your gun from use of my published handloads safe in my gun only.

That Douglas match barrel was worth every penny. I should also mention the chamber was cut by Brady and Eddie using custom chamber reamers from JGS.

It’s mine now. But it will always be “Brady’s Gun ” in my mind. And that’s fine with me. Below is a newspaper article about Brady I cut out and saved so long ago I don’t ever remember when it was out. Early 90s I think.


  1. LSWCHP says:

    I know its unlikely, but if you ever want to sell that gun, you know how to find me. It would have a good home.


    1. Shawn says:

      I will leave it to you in my will


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