You know how it is. You’re working your shift at the Wendys on the night shift, and you can’t wait to get home to your real passion of reading up on all the latest medical journals to help prepare you for your future career performing surgery on NASA rocket brains. Then, some smart mouth customer pulls up and has the audacity to complain about getting cold food. The nerve! Don’t they know you did them a favor in the first place?!

Huntingdon, Tenn.–A shift manager at a fast food restaurant in Huntingdon has been charged with aggravated assault following an altercation with a customer.

Future noble prize winner wrongly persecuted for  defending himself
Aspiring rapper, Demarrus dumped deep fry oil all over uppity customer

According to the police report, Demarrus Pritchett, age 23, is charged with pouring hot oil on the customer over the drive-through window Tuesday night. ” Is that hot enough for ya now dawg!?”

Seems like a reasonable thing to do to me.

Police said the customer purchased food from the Wendy’s drive-through and returned later to complain his food was cold. The nerve! Pritchett is accused of throwing the hot oil over the customer after a verbal altercation. Pritchett told police he had previously been harassed by the customer.

The customer was treated for extensive burns on his left side and arm at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Huntingdon.

I have seen first hand what burning cooking oil can do to the human body and it’s horrific. Demarrus needs to spend the rest of the next two decades in prison.


  1. John M. says:

    Oil burns are no joke.


  2. LSWCHP says:

    That’s the thing with……uh…these people. A large number of them are 100% impulse driven dimwits who live completely in the now, and are unable to see ten seconds into the future so they can understand the thing normal people know as “consequences”. Consequences for other people and themselves. So some poor dude is maimed and disfigured for life because he complained about poor service at a takeaway. And Mr barely-sentient-lifeform will hopefully spend a decade or two in the slammer, while feeling he’s the real victim dur to his skin colour.

    Sadly similar stories are now proliferating in Australia, as the damned SJW dogoodniks have imported a flood of “refugees from war-torn Africa”, so now we have sledgehammer robberies, mass home invasions, grotesquely violent street muggings etc….things that just never used to happen here. And the perps are always aspiring rappers who want to turn their lives around.

    I’m glad that I have the kit I need, and the skills to go with it.

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    1. Shawn says:

      being protected class is great isnt it


  3. Username says:

    Nothing is more American than a sullen African dousing someone with boiling oil as they complain about the temperature of their fried garbage.


    1. LSWCHP says:

      The crazy thing about that dude is that he’s not sullen looking. He’s just maimed someone for life and facing serious jail time, but in his mugshot he’s the happiest camper you could imagine with a cheery smile and his shirt neatly buttoned up.


      1. Shawn says:

        because the US justice system will not do anything to him


        1. Rocketguy says:

          A bunch of us were discussing the jab mandates (a bunch of folks at a major local employer got the “or else” notification this week) and there was this general optimism about big $$ lawsuits “once this is declared unconstitutional”. I tried to convince them that the judicial system is broken but there’s an awful lot of normalcy bias.


          1. Shawn says:

            a lot of people have not been black pilled yet


          2. John M. says:

            That’s not an impossible outcome, but I sure wouldn’t spend the settlement check until it arrives.

            Say, did you hear that the OSHA mandate hasn’t gone to the trouble of actually existing? It’s just a press conference. That’s why there aren’t any lawsuits against it.


      2. Username says:

        That’s not a smile, just how its mouth is shaped.


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