“Virtual-Shot is the shooting simulation system we wish we had when training soldiers for combat in places like Afghanistan, South East Asia, and Iraq.”

Daryl Batchelor, Co-Founder

Hardware Features:

• Standard Picatinny mounting system

• Configure in either Scope or Red Dot mode

• Secure universal mobile phone mount

Application Features:

• Easily downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play

• Built-in video tutorials for beginner shooters.

• Multiple Scope options and magnifications

• Adjustable targetry including; types, distances, and movements

• Adjustable Wind Conditions

• Adjustable projectile weights and velocities for accurate bullet trajectories

• Advanced Shot analytics, including shot time splits, pre and post shot movement analysis.

• Games levels include; Junkyards, Deer Hunting, Zombie Survival and Black Hawk Down.

• Gallery Ranges – including IPSC and falling plate style challenges

See it on YouTube.

Virtual-Shot is Australian Owned and Manufactured.

Virtual-Shot offers global shipping and has distribution hubs in USA, Europe, and Australia.


For more information on Virtual-Shot, visit www.virtual-shot.com.

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