I ran across some pictures of this K31 a few weeks ago. The poster didn’t offer up much detail other than it was a K31 that had some work done to it.

I think all they did was ruin a good K-31. It may not be a Bubba-gunsmith project, but its close.


  1. LSWCHP says:

    It’s weird that anybody would do such a strange thing to a lovely gun like that, but I’ve seen lots worse!


  2. Paulden Prince says:

    Years ago I coined the term “butcherized” when I’ve seen that done to rifles. I recall once about 12 years ago at the range talking to a guy next to me who was shooting an 03-A3, 98K, and a 6.5 Swede. All were in military configuration but I noted they had a rather smooth stocks/hand guards coated with a glossy plastic looking varnish. “Oh, yeah-I love old military rifles! When I get them I always spend a lot of time restoring them.”
    Intrigued because I restored military rifles as well by putting the correct parts on “mixmasters”, I asked him, “Oh, so what do you do?” His face lit up with pride, “I take them apart and them I sand off all those numbers and marking!”
    “YOU DO WHAT!?”
    Yep, he explained to me he’d done that with around a dozen different military rifles and he was very happy that his elbow grease and varnish really made the grain of the wood pop. I was aghast.
    He. Was. Utterly. F**king. Clueless.
    So clueless that when I explained to him he was in fact RUINING these rifles he refused to believe me and even got kinda huffy. The only bright point in his “restorations” was that he hadn’t touched the metal. But if the three rifles he had on his bench were any indication of the rest of his collection he had screwed up some pretty nice rifles.


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