Der Spiegel reports the inventor of the rapid-fire 3D-printed gun that could be entirely printed at home has passed away. 

JStark, a 28-year-old German citizen, was one of the biggest innovators of this decade when printing weapons and gun parts at home. He helped create Deterrence Dispensed – an online group that promotes and distributes open-source 3D printed firearms, gun parts, and cartridges. The group strongly supports freedom of speech applied to computer code and blueprints.

Der Spiegel says JStark passed away on Friday of an apparent heart attack. Foul play was ruled out, and it “appears” his death was natural without any involvement of a third party. Along with this, the German magazine also reported police raided his home days before. 

From a Der Spiegel translation
Two days after the police action, relatives found his body in a car in front of his parents’ apartment in Hanover. Forensic medicine could rule out third-party negligence and suicide. The autopsy did not reveal a clear cause of death. Investigators now fear that Jacob D. could become a martyr for the net warriors. The circumstances of the death could fuel conspiracy myths, says an investigator. There is no doubt that Jacob D. died of natural causes. Since birth, D. had suffered from a weak heart that could have led to death. “Maybe the excitement was just too much,” says the officer.

He promoted firearm ownership, freedom of speech and has been quoted in a documentary as saying, “We want everyone to have the freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms. If that’s too politically extreme for you … f**k yourself.” 

JStark’s 2020 release of the gun blueprints was made widely available across the internet in late 2020. The publication of the gun’s blueprints created an online sensation. It spurred freedom movements of millennial printers who have revolutionized the way firearms are produced and that government cannot and will not control them. FGC-9 emerged as a symbol of life and freedom rather than a deadly weapon as governments worldwide impose tyrannical measures that restrict freedoms in a post-COVID world

Of course it’s a little odd for a 28 year old to die from a “heart attack” Word is he was zeroed in on and caught after being reported by coinbase and ebay for his purchase history.

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  1. John Dole says:

    Just a cohen-cidence. Nothing to see here. Move along now. Thanks for filtering the news and posting the important stuff by the way.


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