Yesterday I had one helluva hunt. It was the shortest and most successful hunting trip I have ever had.

As I started walking towards the tree line I could hear 3 barking. Not even 3 minutes into starting up the hill side I shot the first one in the area pictured above. He was barking and out on a limb and I shot him. Then, one to my immediate right start barking. I put the shotgun to my left shoulder and shot it. I walked up to get it and the third one wagged its tail enough for me to spot it. I shot it.

After 5 minutes of picking them up. I walked another 5 minutes and shot one on the ground and one on a tree beside it.

I picked those up and a 6th one started barking behind me. I walked 20 feet and shot it.

In less than 20 minutes in the woods I had killed the daily bag limit and had to leave. It was like I walked into a petting zoo it was so easy. That puts me at 58 killed this season.

Very exciting and fun but also too short! That’s OK, I had to get back to nurse my recovering dog anyway.

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