One of the most iconic AR-15 carbines that Colt has produced in the last ten years is the 2018 Model LE6920 SOCOM carbine which is a semi-automatic only civilian version of the U.S. military M4A1 carbine. The 2018 Model LE6920 SOCOM is part of Colts ‘AR-15 Military Classics’ product line. The ‘AR-15 Military Classics’ product line contains some of the most iconic (and exclusive) civilian versions of Colts M16 rifle/XM177E2/M4A1 carbine variations.

Colt LE6920 SOCOM (image courtesy of Colt)

In my writing here, you will see me emphasize the fact that this is the 2018 Model of the LE6920 SOCOM. I emphasize that in an effort to make absolutely sure that nobody confuses this with any of the other six variations of the LE6920 SOCOM that is out on the secondary market. Those variations are:

  • 2013 Model LE6920 SOCOM 16″ barrel, KAC M4 RAS
  • 2013 Model LE6920 SOCOM 16″ barrel, Troy Rail
  • 2013 Model LE6920 SOCOM II
  • 2017 Model LE6920 SOCOM 14.5″ SOCOM Heavy Barrel, P/W FH, KAC M4 RAS
  • 2018 Model LE620 SOCOM 14.5″ SOCOM Heavy Barrel, P/W FH, KAC or P&S M4 RAS, U.S. Property Markings (Rollmarked)
  • 2018 Model LE6920 SOCOM 14.5″ SOCOM Heavy Barrel, P/W FH, KAC or P&S M4 RAS, U.S. Property Markings (Laser Engraved)

I feel like I might have missed a variation in the list above but I’m not certain.

The Colt 2018 Model LE6920 SOCOM is noted for two significant features that fuels its popularity among casual shooters and collectors alike. Those two features are:

  • U.S. Government Property Markings
  • True 14.5″ SOCOM 1/7 SOCOM Heavy Barrel

The 2018 Model LE6920 SOCOM was last produced around the end of 2018. The only 2018 Model LE6920 SOCOMs that have been available since then have been on the secondary market. I have seen a couple of examples push $5000 on Gun Broker. The highest sales price that I have seen for a recent auction was a new in box (NIB) example that sold for $3900 on 26 August 2021. The market average on these has been around $2300 to $2500.

Since the last production run of 2018 SOCOM’s, Colt has discontinued milling off the selector stops on AR-15’s. This is a detail that pushes the 2018 Model SOCOM a bit closer to Colt military authenticity and will make this great carbine even more desired.

If you have been wanting a Colt 2018 Model LE6920 SOCOM but didn’t want to pay $2500 to $3000 on the secondary market, your chance is coming. Below is a screen image of the product page on the Colt website.

Here is a screen image of the Colt product specification sheet.

I have spoke to both dealers and distributors who have these on order but they don’t expect to have them in hand until probably the middle of December. I saw one dealer on Gun Broker last night (Sunday 24 OCT 2021) who was pre-selling these at $1499.00 which is MSRP. The auction listing specified that the firearm being sold was on order. Note that the seller used an old product description that states “New for 2018”. It should have read “New for 2021″…Lol.

If the production runs in 2018 are any indication, there will probably be less than 1000 units produced in this production cycle. I recommend that you start saving your pennies now because if you snooze when they become available you will definitely lose. At an MSRP of $1499 I think these carbines are a great deal and true collectable. The elephant in the room is the question of whether or not dealers will sell them at retail for $1499 or will they list them on Gun Broker and see what they go for.

I will be getting one of these Colt 2018 Model LE6920 SOCOMs so stay tuned. I will post photos and details here on Scattered Shots as soon as it arrives.


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  1. Minh Nguyen says:

    Colt LE6920 SOCOM Carbine Rifle with intact lever stops not ground off


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