A talented student choked to death after participating in a hotdog eating competition. Women moment.

Make you wonder what her talent was doesn’t it?

Madelyn Nicpon, a popular lacrosse player, took part in the off-campus content with friends.

The pupil, 20, attended Tufts University of Massachusetts and was rushed to a Boston hospital after she suddenly started choking and fell unconscious.

She died the next day, Journal News report.

Her university said in a statement: “A native of Suffern, New York, Madie was a biopsychology major, a member of the women’s lacrosse team, and an active member of our community.

“The number of community members who turned out to lend support to each other, to Madie’s friends, and to her family was a testament to how many lives Madie touched during her time at Tufts.”

Tributes also poured for the athlete on social media.

“Scooter was a true friend and team-mate,” her team wrote on Instagram.

“She truly valued her relationships with her teammates and coaches.

“Her reach was far beyond our team — she was a true connector on campus and touched every single person she met.”

A young promising future yankee voter’s life snuffed out by BIG HOTDOG. Hot dogs, by the way, were 16 cents cheaper this past 4th of July thanks to Biden.


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