I took a break from hunting sqwacks to do a little turkey hunting. Season is in till the 29th. I had been hearing them and seeing sign all over the area I squirrel hunt in and thought I would give it a try. Yesterday morning while I was walking the dog I heard them on a ridgeline.

Knowing they were crossing the ridge to get to a flat spot on the other side of the ridge, I figured they would be there by the time I got done with the dog. Once I got back I climbed the hill and crossed over the ridge then crawled on my belly through 50 yards of kudzu vine to get within range.

Three males were eating and I shot the biggest with the Model 31L in 16gauge using plain old number #6 shot from about 40 yards.

ended up being 25 pounds

After taking more squirrels to the fellow that eats them, he offered to remove the breast for meas thanks.



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