A Lowndes County deputy was arrested and fired Saturday following a DUI crash. Wow that is pretty serious. I wonder if he did anything else.

Michael Jay Lewis, 21, is facing other charges, however, after authorities say he also shot in a vehicle and hit a dog. Shooting a dog. Seems normal to me


Lewis of Deatsville was arrested on a DUI charge, Burkett said. He was booked into the Autauga County Jail shortly before 12:30 p.m. with bond set at $1,000 for the DUI.

Autauga County Sheriff Joe Sedinger told WSFA that Lewis is also charged with attempted murder and animal cruelty. He said those incidents happened overnight on County Road 57 near County Road 42. The injured dog was taken to a veterinarian in critical conditions.

Jesus, what kind of guy is this?


Lowndes County Sheriff Christopher West said Lewis had only been a deputy for several weeks and just finished the human resources paperwork last week.

“We vetted him like we do all other occupants and he passed,” West said. “We have no idea what prompted him to do this.”



  1. D says:

    Hell of a speed run attempt. If he’d managed to beat his wife, plant some drugs, seize some property without due process then maybe he’d have made captain. Unfortunately, this department has standards and won’t let any run of the mill hoodlum become a cop.


  2. John Dole says:

    Sounds like he was trying to impress someone and get promoted to an ATF agent to me.


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