HOUSTON, TX – November 2, 2021 – Comp-Tac® releases an optics and light compatible, Level III Duty Holster – The CT3™.

The CT3 is designed so the user can deactivate the three levels of retention while maintaining their master grip. The intuitive release mechanism equals economy of motion, faster, more consistent draws and less training time.  The three level of retention are the hood, automatic ejection port lock and friction retention, to prevent unintentional removal of your handgun. The CT3 activation lever releases the hood when pressed, and only releases the ejection port lock when held down during the draw. These features, combined with Comp-Tac’s unique and masterful approach to holster body construction, give the CT3 unparalleled fit, security, and draw speed. A variety of mounting options are available including drop offset, mid-ride belt, SQR (Secure Quick Release), PLM

“The CT3 is the result of two years of design, testing and partnership between Comp-Tac and multiple departments and members of the law enforcement community,” explained Gordon Carrell general manager of Comp-Tac. “For years, Comp-Tac has been a leading supplier of concealed carry and off duty equipment. We wanted to be able to take the skills that we have acquired and the relationships we have built in the industry to offer a solution for the men and women on the front lines of our law enforcement, military and all users wanting multiple levels of retention.”

You can watch the official product videos for the CT3™ at youtu.be/So_qqwvsBCw and CT3™ Official Product Video

In addition to the CT3 Holster, Comp-Tac® has also released the CT2™ Series of holsters. The CT2-A™ Holster offers two levels of retention with an ejection port lock that automatically locks when the weapon is holstered along with friction retention. A safety shroud assists in concealing the activation lever to provide an additional layer of safety and security. Designed using super durable Kydex®, the CT2-A Holster has numerous mounting options.

The CT2-H™ Holster uses both a hood and friction providing two levels of retention. The safety shroud assists in concealing the activation level for the user’s safety and the safety of others. Friction retention screws can be adjusted for a secure hold around the trigger guard and muzzle. Aircraft-grade Kydex® is strategically formed to restrict any undesired movement also known as “holster rattle” while the weapon is holstered. The CT2-H is designed with the user in mind for safety, security, and superior all-day-wear comfort.

The CT2-A and CT2-H product video can be seen at CT2-A™/CT2-H™ Product Video.


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