Low-Profile Carry for Premium FlashlightsSunnyvale, CA – Thyrm® changed the premium flashlight market in 2014 with the introduction of the SwitchBack®. Individuals could now pocket-carry most premium flashlights like Surefire and Streamlight with the SwitchBack’s pocket clip. The SwitchBack’s finger ring introduced a host of new features to the handheld light market including flashlight retention and the SwitchBack technique for use with handguns. Consumer demand for a low-profile flashlight carry clip spurred the design of the SwitchBack’s undercover cousin – introducing the LPC Clip™.

The LPC (Low Profile Carry) Clip offers deep carry of premium flashlights like Modlite Systems, Surefire Fury, 6P and G2X, Streamlight Protac HL/HL-X, and the soon-to-be-released Cloud Defensive handheld. This low ride height minimizes visual signature. Thyrm designed subtle control surfaces into the LPC to aid in secure deployments and various grip techniques. A lanyard hole fits 1/8” shock-cord and paracord.

Lanyard Not IncludedAs with all Thyrm products, LPC Clips are designed and made in the USA.

To learn more or purchase, head to www.thyrm.com or your favorite Thyrm dealer. Government orders: gov@thyrm.com

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