Today’s WGAOOOWH is listed from zerohedge. It is so good I almost didn’t have anything funny to add to it.

According to the local news Times-UnionCatskill Village Police Department said Jason Jones, 29, walked into the police station and sparked a “confrontation with officers.” The man stripped his clothing off and doused himself with hand sanitizer. You don’t see that every day. Chief Dave Darling, a former State Police senior investigator, said officers tased Jones to subdue him. 

“I think they were afraid he was going to hurt himself, and that’s what started it,” Darling told the Times Union. “There are still details that we’re trying to develop.”

Good job boys, you protected and served the hell out of him!

It was at that moment when Jones burst into flames. The local paper said he “is in an intensive care unit at Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse. His condition is grave, according to people briefed on the matter.” 

Darling described the incident as “horrible” and said Greene County district attorney’s office is investigating what happened on Friday night, Oct. 29. 

Jones’ attorney, Kevin Luibrand, told CBS 6, “his client is in a burn unit in Syracuse in a medical situation of the most serious type.” He said the incident was caught on video. 

“In a letter to Darling dated Thursday, Luibrand requested that the department preserve all evidence in the case, including audio and video recordings from street cameras and other devices, as well as any computer data from any Tasers that were used during the encounter,” the Times Union wrote. 

The lessons learned are three things: 

  1. Please don’t start a confrontation with officers in their police station.
  2. Know your limits when it comes to alcohol consumption. 
  3. And most importantly, don’t douse yourself with hand sanitizer that contains alcohol because you’ll light up like a Christmas tree upon being tased.


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  1. James says:

    H,,,,,, play stup……….,ah,the hell with it!


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