In one of my latest spelunking trips for patents, I noticed multiple applications for a new modular chassis pistol from FN Herstal.

The rearward-placed top barrel lugs are inspired by Wilhelm Bubits’s fraternal triplets: the BB Tech BB6, the Taurus TS-series, and the Kimber R7 Mako. The same can be said of the internal extractor. Curiously, the bolted-on pick-up rail protrudes forward of the breechface. The lower lug of the two-piece barrel is a variant of the classic SIG P210 and CZ75. The frame chassis is almost certainly cast or machined from billet.

The most original feature of the pistol is the ambidextrous magazine catch lever. Note that it locks into the rear of the magazine tube, instead of the front or sides.

I wonder if this wasn’t designed for the Canadian Forces pistol solicitation, which mandated a chassis frame. Another question is what will this new pistol bode for the future of the FN America-designed FN 509?

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