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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Telling agents he “did not have to stop” because “it’s a free country,” a 44-year-old Minneapolis man is charged with threatening TSA workers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The charges state that he also swung a stanchion line post before throwing it at agents, taking his clothes off and masturbating.


Towers allegedly told one TSA employee that he was going to “kill” them. Officers gave him commands to stop and move away from the checkpoint, which he did not abide.

The charges state that’s when Towers was Tasered. He then swung his arms above his head in an attempt to hit an officer. Backup officers took Towers into custody while he continued to fight with them.


Surveillance video footage showed Towers punching and headbutting TV screens at the airport, taking his clothes off and masturbating. This happened about an hour before the incident at the checkpoint.



  1. LSWCHP says:

    Who hasn’t felt the urge to get naked and jerk off at an airport? 😊


    1. Shawn says:

      Verily, was there ever a man with a soul so dead he didnt wonder what would it be like to get naked and jerk off at the airport?


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