I had no idea CMMG was still around.

CMMG is proud to announce the release of the FourSix, the first ever line of ARs to hit the civilian market that are chambered in 4.6x30mm. With an impressive 40-round magazine capacity, light recoil and penetrating power at close distances, CMMG’s FourSix is here to reimagine the Personal Defense Weapon.


First introduced in 1999, the 4.6x30mm is known for its pairing with the Heckler & Koch MP7. By design, the 4.6x30mm is a relatively small and lightweight cartridge with minimal felt recoil meant to compete with the 5.7x28mm. There has never been a 4.6x30mm-chambered firearm released in the U.S. market until now.


CMMG’s BANSHEE is the ultimate Personal Defense Weapon (PDW). The BANSHEE’s lightweight and compact design pairs well with the soft-shooting 4.6x30mm cartridge to create a very controllable and portable firearm for almost any shooter. The FourSix operates on a modified direct impingement system, offering Last Round Bolt Hold Open and is fed from a proprietary 40-round CMMG FourSix Magazine.

Product DescriptionProduct NumberMSRPShipping Dims
CaliberBarrel LengthMuzzle DeviceTriggerCharging HandlePistol GripButtstock / BraceFinish
Pistol, BANSHEE 300, Mk4, 4.6x30mm46A96B4$1,399.953X10X414.6x30mm8″SV BrakeCMMG Single StageCMMG Oversized AmbiMagpul MOERipBraceCerakote
Rifle, BANSHEE 300, Mk4, 4.6x30mm, NFA46A96C5$1,399.953X10X414.6x30mm8″SV BrakeCMMG Single StageCMMG Oversized AmbiMagpul MOERipBraceCerakote

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