If you didn’t catch it last night, Here is Tucker’s interview with our boy.

I was impressed how Kyle had the cool head to fix a malfunction on his AR while being beaten over the head.

Kyle is a good kid, If I was stupid enough to have kids, Kyle is the kind of son I would want to have.

A lot of bullshit about his BLM comment last night and this morning. He’s a kid. He’s going to say things that he hopes will make his now ruined life a little easier for him going forward. I don’t blame him for that. He is not some extremist, ready to die on a hill like most of us at this point.

He still has his entire life ahead of him with half the country ready to murder him on the spot. Some may even try. Look at poor Zimmerman and what he has had to deal with. And it doesn’t hurt to say something like that with upcoming civil litigation. So spare me the bullshit in the comments about it.

His crack at the FBI was priceless.

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  1. John+M says:

    That kid is awesome.

    In a sane country, Annapolis and West Point would be fighting over him right now.

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