The ride that never ends.

Thursday night when, with most of the US in a tryptophan coma, the world is suddenly freaking out amid fears that a new coronavirus strain detected in South Africa, known as B.1.1529, reportedly carries an “extremely high number” of mutations and is “clearly very different” from previous incarnations, which may drive further waves of disease by evading the body’s defenses South African scientists said.

Translation: more lockdowns, restrictions and trillions in new stimmies

According to the Guardian, only 10 cases in three countries have been confirmed by genomic sequencing (and up to 100 suspected), but that is more than enough for the Pharma-Government complex to set the wheels of widespread social panic and future lockdowns in motion and, according to the liberal outlet, “the variant has sparked serious concern among some researchers because a number of the mutations may help the virus evade immunity.” Which of course is a polite way for Bill Gates to suggest you panic.

According to reports, the new B.1.1.529 variant has 32 mutations in the spike protein, the part of the virus that most vaccines use to prime the immune system against Covid. Mutations in the spike protein make it harder for immune cells to attack the pathogen, just as so many vaccine skeptics have been warning for the past year when making the point that taking inefficient medications shoved down the population’s throats (such as those from Pfizer and Moderna) that do not serve as real vaccines but merely paliatives, will only lead to more dangerous and weaponized versions of the virus.

That’s precisely what is happening now.

The variant was first spotted in Botswana, where three cases have now been sequenced. Six more have been confirmed in South Africa, and one in Hong Kong in a traveller returning from South Africa.

Botswana’s health ministry confirmed in a statement that four cases of the new variant were detected in people who were all fully vaccinated. All four were tested before their planned travel. One sample was also detected in Hong Kong, carried by a traveler from South Africa, South African scientists said.

With over 1,200 new infections, South Africa’s daily infection rate is much lower than in Germany, where new cases are driving a wave. However, the density of mutations on this new variant raises fears that it could be highly contagious, leading scientists to sound the alarm early.

“This variant did surprise us, it has a big jump in evolution, many more mutations than we expected, especially after a very severe third wave of Delta,” said Tulio de Oliveira, director of the KwaZulu-Natal Research and Innovation Sequencing Platform.

The B1.1.529 variant has a “very unusual constellation of mutations,” with more than 30 mutations in the spike protein alone, said Mr. de Oliveira. On the ACE2 receptor — the protein that helps to create an entry point for the coronavirus to infect human cells — the new variant has 10 mutations. In comparison, the Beta variant has three, the Delta variant has two, said Mr. de Oliveira.

Dr Tom Peacock, a virologist at Imperial College London, agrees with Oliveira. Peacock posted details of the new variant on a genome-sharing website, noting that the “incredibly high amount of spike mutations suggest this could be of real concern”.

In a series of tweets, Peacock said it “very, very much should be monitored due to that horrific spike profile.

But, as some cynics pointed out on twitter, “the Strangelove who provided that convenient media clickbait epithet ‘horrifying’ has also admitted it may be LESS not more of a danger” and indeed, the Guardian report notes that it may turn out to be an “odd cluster” that is not very transmissible. “I hope that’s the case,” he wrote.

Perhaps even more importantly, it also appears that the Chinese were busy splicing away in the past few months (this time probably without Dr Fauci’s money): according to Peacock, the this variant contains “not one, but two furin cleavage site mutations – P681H (seen in Alpha, Mu, some Gamma, B.1.1.318) combined with N679K (seen in C.1.2 amongst others).” As Peacock notes, “this is the first time I’ve seen two of these mutations in a single variant.”

Why does this matter? Because as even the reputable Nature mag recently noted, researchers have asked Covid’s “furin cleavage site — a feature that helps it to enter cells — is evidence of engineering, because SARS-CoV-2 has these sites but its closest relatives don’t. The furin cleavage site is important because it’s in the virus’s spike protein, and cleavage of the protein at that site is necessary for the virus to infect cells.”

Translation: use of the furin cleavage sites is how covid would be genetically-engineered inside, say, a BSL-4 lab in China… of which the only one can be found in Wuhan.

In any case, while nobody knows yet what the spike protein mutation cluster actually does yet, the speculation that it will lead to another wave of global infections is already in the wild. Sure enough, Ravi Gupta, a professor of clinical microbiology at Cambridge University, said work in his lab found that two of the mutations on B.1.1.529 increased infectivity and reduced antibody recognition. “It does certainly look a significant concern based on the mutations present,” he said. “However, a key property of the virus that is unknown is its infectiousness, as that is what appears to have primarily driven the Delta variant. Immune escape is only part of the picture of what may happen.”

Prof Francois Balloux, the director of the UCL Genetics Institute, said the large number of mutations in the variant apparently accumulated in a “single burst”, suggesting it may have evolved during a chronic infection in a person with a weakened immune system, possibly an untreated HIV/Aids patient.

“I would definitely expect it to be poorly recognized by neutralizing antibodies relative to Alpha or Delta,” he added. 

Translation: in terms of vaccines, B.1.1.529 could well represent an entirely new disease, as the existing neutralizing antibodies will have little to no impact on a virus with all these mutations. Which is music to the ears of politicians who have just the catalyst to order a whole new round of lockdowns and, critically, stimmies that keep them in power for another quarter or two.

Case in point, just as news of the new strain emerged, the U.K. announced it  will temporarily ban flights from South Africa and five neighboring countries (Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and Botswana) over worries about the new covid variant. The travel restrictions go into effect at noon Friday and are a precautionary measure to keep the spread of the new variant in check, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said. The six African countries will be placed on the U.K.’s red list as of Sunday, requiring travelers to quarantine in hotels upon arrival.

“As part of our close surveillance of variants across the world, we have become aware of the spread of a new potentially concerning variant,” Javid said in a statement, adding that the new strain it’s now under investigation.

Israel also has banned travel from the six countries, along with Mozambique, another neighbor of South Africa, BNO News said in a tweet, without citing the source of the information.

The U.K.’s move is a further blow to the airline industry, which was starting to recover from earlier travel restrictions and lockdowns but now faces fresh curbs and a resurgent virus in parts of Europe. The measures announced Thursday mark the biggest change in the U.K.’s Covid travel rules since the so-called traffic light system was overhauled earlier in the autumn to ease border crossings. From 500 to 700 people daily arrive in the U.K. via South Africa on flights, a number that would normally be expected to increase in the next four to six weeks due to seasonal travel.

Of course, such bans never actually stop the virus from spreading, but they do ramp up the public frenzy about the new strain. And since B.1.1.529 is too long to pronounce, some time tomorrow we will have a new Greek letter to fear: according to the NYT, South African scientists will meet with the World Health Organization technical team on Friday, where authorities will assign a letter of the Greek alphabet to this one. It will take several weeks to see the impact of the new variant on hospitalizations and deaths and to study how it may interact with vaccines.

“Armed by our experience and understanding of the alpha and delta variants, we know that early action is far better than late action,” Ewan Birney, deputy director general of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, said in a Science Media Centre briefing note. “It may turn out that this variant is not as large a threat as alpha and delta, but the potential consequences of not acting on the possibility it could be are serious.”

For those who wish to learn more about the new “horrifying” strain and superglue no less than 10 masks to their face, they can do so at this just released article from Nature “Heavily mutated coronavirus variant puts scientists on alert

From Zerohedge


  1. Tom Stone says:

    In short, the current “Vaccines” do nothing to either lessen symptoms or reduce your chances of catching the Nu variant.
    And it’s a lot more contagious than Delta.
    With any luck the Math+ treatment protocol pioneered by Dr Paul Marik and others at the FLCCC will still prove effective.
    This variant is undoubtedly already in the USA and the UK and undoubtedly the Government response will be a clusterfuck at best.
    Yup, more lockdowns,more Doctors being suspended or fired for using treatments that adversely affect the profits of big Pharma.
    And with luck the utter destruction the Democratic wing of the Property Party.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. John+M says:

      As a rule of thumb, viruses tend to mutate towards *greater* transmissibility and *lesser* lethality. That is after all what promotes their propagation. That is why most viruses (like rhino viruses and herpes viruses) are virtually harmless. Rarely you get a 1918 influenza that shows up as highly transmissible and highly lethal but even with 1918 flu, within a couple of years the virus was back to “normal” levels of lethality by flu standards.

      So we should expect the new variant to be less lethal and more transmissible until we have evidence otherwise.

      Now, the effect of these crazy vaccines on Kung Flu’s lethality has been a bit of a mystery so far. They may have acted to increase the virus’s lethality. It’s hard to penetrate the thicket of lies and obfuscations far enough to make a determination at this point.

      From that standpoint, having the virus mutate entirely around these crazy vaccines may be the best possible news, putting us on a track to have Kung Flu mutate back towards “normal” coronaviruses, i.e. highly transmissible but basically harmless.

      Either way, now that most places have gone through three waves of the thing, we’ve clearly left “pandemic” and entered “endemic.” It’s time to learn how to live and die without this virus controlling our every move.


  2. Tom Stone says:

    John,the evolution of viruses is to greater contagiousness and OVER THE LONG TERM to less mortality.
    Ebola has been around a while,it tends to burn out by killing the hosts too quickly when it jumps from animals to humans.
    It is still as nasty as ever.
    Morbidity is a different matter, anything less than death allows the host to survive..
    If a new Covid variant kills 25% of those infected and cripples another 50% there will still be plenty of human hosts ( And animal,deer for instance) for it to survive.
    And continue mutating
    Betting that it will turn into the Nu Flu soon is a very hopeful attitude.

    “Hope in one hand…”


  3. Golly. A new variant arrives just in the nick of time for the pediatric vaccination campaign.

    How… convenient.


    1. Wild, wild west says:

      I heard it was being spread by murder hornets. Sounds legit. (shamelessly stolen from myself over at Larry Lambert’s place).


    2. John M. says:

      I can’t even imagine what goes through people’s heads that they would inject that science experiment into little kids. Covid poses approximately zero risk to little kids. Probably more healthy kids have been killed from falling down stairs than Covid in the last two years.

      Based on what’s already known about the vax and about Covid, there is approximately a 0% chance that shooting up kids will save more lives than will be taken by vax side effects. If I had to guess, I’d guess that the age cutoff for lives saved vs. taken is probably in the age 30-45 range, not coincidentally about where the Covid death curve starts to bend skyward.

      We are out in Tuskegee syphilis experimentation territory here, and it’s going to end in tears.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Shawn says:

        we left the known world long ago


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