Linked below will take you to a NSFW graphic video of some diversity having a drive by in Puerto Rico. It is worth watching to see the tactics of the attackers and the mistakes made by the victims. The hitman have some obvious training and experience. All in relatively HD video. Isn’t the panopticon great?

PUERTO RICO – A massacre caught on video shows the moment five men were executed during a chaotic shootout at a birthday party in Puerto Rico.

The incident took place Tuesday in front of a business in the Certenejas neighborhood in Cidra.


  1. TheDottedLine says:

    Is it victim blaming to say don’t be a murderer and don’t stand next to a murderer?


  2. LSWCHP says:

    Hmmm…mag dumps from full auto pistols. They attackers definitely wanted to kill those dudes.

    Surprisingly little situational awareness from guys in a violent situation who were all armed themselves. I wonder what the backstory was.


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