I’m not a knife collector, but I bought this book because I am a bit of an amateur SOG historian and I like to accumulate as much info on their gear as I can. It’s full of excellent photos, mainly about the famous SOG knife itself with some of the other CISO made knives used by SOG.

I’d love to show you ever page but.. copyrights are a thing.


  1. Paulden Prince says:

    When I was an Ossifer in the 10th SFG(A) at Fort Devens, MA in the mid to late 80’s one of the duties we junior “O’s” had to pull occasionally was SDO i.e. “staff duty ossifer” in the Group headquarters building. Part of that duty was enforcing the “clean desk policy” by going into every office and inspecting the desk tops of folks to insure they didn’t leave any classified documents on them. Col. Zachary was the 10th Group Commander who had a lotta souvenirs and knick knack in his office the most notable of which was his very original and very authentic SOG bowie sitting on his desk in its sheath. One evening I pulled it out and this blade was so pristine there wasn’t a scratch on the knife or a scuff on the scabbard. It was NOS. Even though there weren’t any books on it and NO internet back I knew this was really valuable and rare-especially in this condition. I’ve never seen another in its condition.


    1. Shawn says:

      this book has several in it but I don’t want the author getting pissed at me from sharing too many photos and get a copyright strike against the website


  2. Paulden Prince says:

    Yeah, as an author I get that-I really do. I once wrote a book on a particular rifle that I was very interested in at the time but almost nobody else was. It finally did sell out and then years later lo and behold it became popular subject but I was too engaged in other things to do a reprint. So, somebody took it upon themselves to offer Xerox copies of it for $20.00 each on a gun blog. When I jumped down his throat about it and threatened legal action his indignant retort was, “Well you weren’t going to do a reprint!”


    1. Shawn says:

      this is what has delayed me on publishing my book on Unertl Optics


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