The Speer Gold Dot story starts in 1980 when Omark Industries’ Darrel F. Inman developed what became the Speer Plated Soft Point (PSP). Roughly, he started with a formed lead core, then electroplated it with copper to form a bonded jacket, removed the copper from the tip, and finally, reswaged the core once more to further expose the bare lead tip. Inman filed his patent application in October 1980 and received US Patent #4,387,492 in June 1983. After the sale of Omark to Blount Inc., Inman rose to Vice President of Engineering, and later, Senior Vice President of Operations of Blount’s Sporting Goods Division

In 1986, Speer introduced its Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) handgun bullet line. These were basically the PSP with their plating intact. Then someone at Speer got the bright idea that they could make hollowpoint bullets by punching a cavity into an existing TMJ. While the new Plated Hollow Point (PHP) bullets were introduced early in 1990, Speer engineers Steven R. Moore, David A. Imthurn, and Brett Olin filed their patent application in November 1990. They received US Patent #5,079,814 in January 1992.

In 1992, Speer started to use the name Uni-Core to refer to their plated bullet technology. But this name didn’t really catch on any more than PHP, particularly in contrast to monikers like Hydra-Shok, Black Talon, or Starfire. The final name reportedly came from law enforcement test demonstrations of the PHP. People invariably noticed the small dot of plating centered in the expanded bullet, right where it was punched when the hollowpoint was formed. Eureka! Speer started using the branding “Gold Dot” in 1993.

The latest Gold Dot G2 first appeared in 2012 as a Law Enforcement Only load. The G2 variant features deep skiving cuts, yet has a shallower hollowpoint cavity filled with an elastomer. In May 2019, Speer announced unrestricted sales of the G2, and at SHOT Show 2020, a short-barrel friendly Gold Dot G2 Carry Gun line was introduced.

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