…Now I have a machine gun

I did a poll last Christmas asking what people thought Santa would run. I got a lot of wild suggestions but the most common was some form of belt fed. Follow by various suppressed guns. So since I don’t have access to anything belt fed anymore these days, I went with the runner up suggestion. Something suppressed and AR pattern.

Tactical Santa or Suppressed/Silenced Santa.

So we have a suppressed shorty AR. (A dummy Colt 607 with a paper towel roll standing in if you want to get nit picky haha). I had originally considered I would give him a plate carrier but thought the green was more festive.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

Here’s what I pictured for Santa. (Mid war vibes) I had pictured him with a Mackinaw coat but I can’t find mine. I figured a sleigh is a vehicle so gave him a winter combat/tanker jacket in lieu of the Mackinaw. Goggles and scarf for the wind. A compass to find his way and a TL-122-B light to see around the dark houses. And a Thompson for the panache. Although seeing as most encounters would likely be close range and quarters it makes sense. And since he’s vehicle bound weight wouldn’t be an issue.

What would you picture Santa having set up?


  1. SOPMOD Block I carbine with KAC suppressor and ECWCS cold weather clothing system. 🙂


  2. Wild, wild west says:

    My new favorite Christmas movie is Fat Man, so I have to go with a 1911 and a Walker Colt.


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