Theodore (Ted) Braden, Spike Team Colorado’s first 1-0, starts his military career during World War Il serving with the 101st Airborne division. As the Vietnam conflict begins, Braden enters the country in 1965 with Special Forces Project Delta. In June of 1968 Braden becomes the 1-0 of Spike Team Colorado, located at Kontum, Vietnam, and holds that position until the end of 1966.

In an interview with JD Bath, the 1-2 of ST Colorado, Bath states that Ted Braden, Gary Shadduck, and himself reported to SOG headquarters in Saigon for debriefing after a successful wire tapping mission in late 1966. After their separate interviews and debriefing, they meet at SOG’s safe house in Saigon, House 10. There, Braden announces to the team that he has been ordered to go on R&R (Rest and Recreation) and no excuses would be accepted. This is the last time that Braden is seen in Vietnam.

In October of 1967 an article appears in Rampart magazine written by Ted Braden explaining that he had gone AWOL from Vietnam. Assuming the identity of Joseph Edward Horner, a member of SOG that was killed at Camp Long Thanh in 1965, Braden makes his way to Johannesburg, South Africa. Once there, he fights as a mercenary with the Sth Commando Unit until discovered by U.S. Federal Agents. Braden is extradited to the United States to face desertion charges at a court-martial.

US Senate and Congressional hearings investigating SOG activities begins. Seeing that Braden is a potential embarrassment for the United States government, a document is drawn up swearing him to not reveal anything he knows about SOG activities in exchange for an Honorable Discharge. After accepting these terms, Ted Braden is never heard from again. Some new evidence and investigation has tied Braden with the possibly of being DB Cooper.


  1. John M. says:

    That is not how I was expecting that story to go.


  2. Fascinating Stuff.


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