Special thanks to Britney Peters for getting and sharing these pictures.


  1. BAP45 says:

    Man, I would love to visit that.


    1. Shawn says:

      me too. thanks to a 17 year old girl we can at least see some of it


  2. TheDottedLine says:

    Serious question for you military scholars out there: when did the fighting man finally decide that the downsides of dressing in bright gaudy uniforms outweighs the upsides and then actually stop doing it? And why exactly? Whenever I see these pictures I think “nope, bad idea” and just can’t imagine going with that style.

    My limited knowledge is that the Boers were excellent at blending in but that is how they already dressed. The Great War caused a global shift toward mud-colored uniforms as the casualty rates from artillery eclipsed all other weapons for the first time in mass armed conflict.

    Please pontificate.


    1. Shawn says:

      when the tactics changed from using massed volley fire on a field covered in blackpowedered smoke


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