Yea, everyone has seen that video by now or heard of it. The resulting Big Brain pronouncements about what rifle is best have started, and the even bigger brained AK fanatics have finally found something they think backs up their personal tastes.

I got some bad news for a lot of people. His video didn’t really prove anything or teach anyone anything other than what those rifles did that day under those conditions. Here is some real breaking news. Guns are machines, and machines are not infallible. Even the ones meant for combat use.

The good news is they are still pretty damned good. But, like all machines, you still have to do your part. You have to do your part to keep them working, the same as you have to do your part to actually hit a target.

Some weather conditions or environments can exceed the ability of a machine to operate without a little help. The extreme cold for instance. The army has known for ages how to handle it. Its “all in the manual.” Hunters and outdoorsmen knew even longer than the army. It’s called “Cold Soak” by the military. You remove all lube from the weapon and you never bring it inside. You leave them out in the weather to stay cold. This keeps condensation from forming on the gun, then freezing from going in and out of warmer building to outside in sub zero temps. LAW, the arctiv weapons lube was developed. In the battle of the bulge, even the mighty M1 Garand would fail unless rifleman took a few seconds to work the action to keep it from freezing up. Pissing on it if all else fails, though it played hell on the gun later.

Yes even the over hyped AK47 will fail in cold enough weather and ice. Sorry I had to break that to some of you but better you hear it from me than some stranger on the street. Below are some video tests I did myself several years ago.

I left this Colt rifle outside over night in a major snow storm and 6 degrees. I didn’t even remove the lube. You can see how it does.

Below is testing the much maligned and hated M1 carbine. We all know what a junker it is in cold weather. Can’t even shoot through a quilted jacket the experts will regurgitate at you any chance they get.

Long story longer, just take a few simple precautions if you have to operate your rifle in extreme cold and wet temps. Yes, even your AK or shit Moisin or even your Valmet. Don’t over worry about it and certainly don’t give too much of a shit about guntuber test videos, no matter how fun they are or cool the guntuber may be. Click bait exists for a reason. And it isn’t so much to inform as it is to generate controversy because controversy gets clicks and clicks equal money. No offense to those guy but that’s just how it is.


  1. Paulden Prince says:

    Yeah you nailed it. Eight minutes into the video I had to stop and put ice on my eye rolling muscles. Two salient issues leapt out at me:
    * Does he have the vaguest comprehension of the scientific method? It truly doesn’t appear so. Testing a single sample-some of them custom made guns, proves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    * How could he NOT find an ARSENAL made AK or a factory made FAL?
    Since most of the flat range commandos would NEVER get their rifle wet much less spend any time in the cold they have zero personal experience and look at this shit as though Moses made the video in the glow of the burning bush. Truthfully, you don’t really understand just how fulla shit the average gun celebrity/writer/blogger until you actually meet one (and by “meet” I don’t mean breathlessly running up to one and asking them to autograph your Realtree baseball cap).

    “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”
    H.L. Mencken


    1. Shawn says:

      People dont realize these guys are just entertainers with the goal of generating clicks for ad revenue. Which is fine. The problem is so many people take their content as proof of something because they think they are experts. super cool expensive gear and guns gives the appearance of true expertise to a lot of people who don’t know any better. An example of the damage its done, I saw some guy on a gun forum called BIll Wilson an out of touch boomer. HIs opinion was immediately dismissed because he is a baby boomer and an “old guy” whose time had passed.


      1. Paulden Prince says:

        I once commented on a blog about the proliferation of self-proclaimed video tactiCOOL gun experts who make absolute pronouncements on military tactics yet not only have they never been in a combat zone, they never even served in the military and singling out a particularly popular Youtuber. An acolyte of tactiCOOL video gods vigorously took me to task and one of his key points was, “Take Hickok45, he wasn’t in the military but his father was in WWII and passed on his tactical expertise to him!”
        So there you have it-apparently in the evolutionary genetics of the Youtube/gun media world military experience and expertise is passed on like a recessive gene.


        1. Shawn says:

          Damn. my Dad was just a artiller yguy in Vietnam. No wonder I’m not cool.


          1. Paulden Prince says:

            Hah! My dad was a lineman in the Signal Corps at Fort Carson who never left CONUS during the Korean War.😊


  2. Rocketguy says:

    Some years ago, I decided to sight in a red dot on my AK while temperatures were hovering around 15F (was a bit younger and dumber and too excited to wait for decent weather). It was a bust because the well-oiled rifle randomly switched between doubles, triples and dead trigger. Lesson learned.


  3. Matthew Whitticar says:

    I find the InRange mud/sand tests and the MAC gauntlet tests to be more useful than this.

    I can make anything fail by soaking it in water and then freezing it.


  4. SlowJoeCrow says:

    I think it was a pretty fair test and even though the ak seemed to do the best I’d still rather have an ar/m4 over the others. The ak has a slight edge on reliability but the ar did well and is more useful past 100-200 meters, much lighter, and way more modular and easy to work on. What things like this do for the ak diehards is give them one aspect aside from cheaper ammo (soon to be even due to bullshit import laws) to hold over the heads of ar people. If a person is able to own both I’d still recommend having an ar and an ak. By the way, what did you think about the m14 Shawn? Haha


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