[Berryville, Arkansas, January 3, 2022]

Bill Wilson is proud to announce the acquisition of Pennsylvania-based ammunition and bullet manufacturer Lehigh Defense.

Lehigh Defense will join other Wilson-owned companies Chip McCormick Custom, Circle WC Ranch, Khumba Bush Camp, Scattergun Technologies, Wilson Custom Ammunition and Wilson Combat to expand the group’s presence in the firearms and hunting marketplace.

Lehigh Design, originally founded by Dave Fricke later expanded to Lehigh Defense with the addition of Pete Vogel and Mike Cyrus and has been designing and manufacturing solid brass and copper bullets using the latest technology since 2004. In 2009, Lehigh started working with Black Hills Ammunition in developing unique military projectile designs. Years of collaboration later, the Fluid Transfer Monolithic design culminated with the release of the Black Hills Honey Badger line. Another patented design is the Maximum Expansion 300 Blackout subsonic bullet used by US and many NATO special operations groups throughout the world with over 7 million sold to date.

Lehigh Defense currently operates two manufacturing plants, one in Pennsylvania and one in South Dakota. Once a new purpose-built facility in northeast Texas is completed in Q3 2022 some operations will begin the move to their new home in Texas. There are immediate plans to increase production and some products are already in production in Arkansas at the Wilson Combat facility to rapidly increase production capacity. Lehigh will have a substantial increase in manufacturing capacity and a state of the art testing facility once the Texas plant is operational. Our goal is to meet product demand, add exciting new products and build brand awareness.

To add stability to these changes we’re proud to announce Dave Fricke will retain minority ownership and continue to work with Lehigh for several years into the future.

Wilson Combat®

Visit www.wilsoncombat.com for more information.

Lehigh Defense

For additional information on Lehigh Defense LLC email info@lehighdefense.com

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  1. SlowJoeCrow says:

    It seems like he has gotten involved in moving some of his businesses to texas but I don’t know why. Arkansas is better than Texas now for the most part and could use decent jobs for the people in that area although I’m sure the same could be said for the town the company is moving from. There is a trend of relocating to “second amendment states” the last decade or so which gives me hope that all of the arms producing facilities will be in our control when the time comes to temporarily split the country up in the somewhat near future from the looks of things.


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