Most of you here should recognize the name of veteran firearms instructor Ken Hackathorn. His history is a bit off here as the first Strayer/Tripp 2011 modular frames were unveiled at the 1992 SHOT Show. Jerry Barnhart even used a Wilson Combat-modified 2011 to win the 1992 USPSA Nationals.

The early Chip McCormick-marketed frames were marked CMC, while the TRI-marked frames were marketed by Virgil Trip (Tripp Research, Inc.) prior to the formation of STI in 1993 to make complete pistols.

Beside the Colt Army National Match slide, the Bar-Sto barrel, and a classic Armand Swenson ambidextrous thumb safety, I see an Ed Brown Memory-Groove grip safety and a CMC “McCormick” square hammer.

Wayne Novak was an obvious choice for a Swenson-style build, as Novak had apprenticed under Swenson.


  1. Shawn says:

    Dan, is this yours?


    1. D.E. Watters says:

      Alas, no. It recently sold online.


      1. Shawn says:

        you got any info on the goncz auto pistol? I tried to write something about it a few years ago but couldnt find much info on them


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