From a current thread on B-ARFCOM.

Deviant Ollum again producing content for the channel.

Of note for those people who financially support inrangetv, Deviant did this video for free and Karl did not pay for it.  But he posted it with his content:

While you will hear about the Italian resistance in the city of Parma, it starts with a WWII partisan monument…

but the in less than 1 minute from the beginning you will be spending the next 13 and a half minutes about the fight against Mussolini and the fascists in 1922.  Ok, should be still interesting content.  But you will get a dose of indoctrination in socialism, unions and communism.  Much like the rest of Europe, Italy saw an increase in socialism and unions after the Great War ended.  

You will get a small snippet on Filippo Corridoni, who has a statue in the city marking his death in WWI.  

A socialist and trade unionist, he was also a friend of Mussolini.

Speaking of Mussolini, gotta segway to bringing up the anti fascist movement in Europe between the wars:

This is from a guy that wears his Cascadia Doug flag with three trees…

Does this kind of look familiar or maybe inspired by something?

You will also get to discussion about Guido Picelli, a manager in the socialist party and later communist party, who led the defense of Parma in 1922.  He would later die in Spain fighting with the International Brigade near Madrid after fleeing Italy and Mussolini.

We will hear more about him and Parma from a local Deviant speaks to…

That hoodie says “R*ESIST” on the front and “autistici*org: and “inventati*org”

A quick search tells you that (I will not link to it here):
“A/I (Autistici/Inventati, pronounced [au’tisti?i]-[i?’v?ntati], or [i?v?n’tati]) was born in 2001 from an encounter of individuals and collectives of the autonomous anticapitalist movement interested in technology and active in the digital rights struggle. We believe that this world is far from being the best world possible. We react by providing a platform and tools for digital self-defense addressing the need of secure, free communication and privacy for activists and other individuals.”

The parts in red would have been flags for words that were used by communists during the Cold War.  Any search on the names returns links to Marxists and socialist websites.  

Deviant ends his piece on Parma with:  
“Reflect upon what you believed in when you were young and what you believe in now and think about  whether the movements that meant something to you are still representative of the same values and the same ideals and aims that they once were and that they say they are to this day.  There is nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact and I think Karl would always agree that the world as ever is complicated and Italy as I like to say and Italy is absolutely no exception there.”

But I’m sure the channel will continue with its not partisan politics.  This is merely another vignette on the struggle of the oppressed against the tyrants like his other vignettes.

Don’t worry though, “Gun Jesus” Ian is a good dude. He makes cool videos. Never mind that he was so close to a far left antifa , trans loving Karl for so long that their Brands are forever tied together in peoples minds and memories. Ian said he isn’t a communist, I guess thats good enough. Now go give him a traffic on his guntube and sub to his Patreon!


  1. KarlKasardaLovesKock says:

    Deviant plum is genetic trash just like Karl. Look at his facial structure and eyes. He is a crack baby and probably bisexual like Karl. Can’t wait until the nazis make a come back and destroy antifa fags like them again just like they did one hundred years ago. I think Ian is similar to them but just a little smarter since he knows enough not to alienate his audience. Karl is the type to support arming blacks so he needs to move to Chicago and experience the diversity he loves so much.


    1. Shawn says:

      Ian, without doubt, holds the same politics as Karl.


  2. Username says:

    Does this attitude extend to Russell Phagan and KE Arms? Haven’t seen any evidence yet but they do work closely with Karl. I’d like to know how widespread (if at all) these anti-White and leftist politics are in the Arizona shooting scene.

    Another Karl affiliate worth noting is the anti-White “historian” on YouTube calling himself Atun-Shei. He’s done videos with Karl and notably spent time running from the Africans he champions in New Orleans. It’s a good thing to document these kind of networks.


    1. Frank Grimes says:

      Yes, Russ FagMan is leftist trash too.


  3. Jsizzle says:

    I saw a video of Ian and Karl from a few years back, walking around Shot Show doing interviews. They came off as a couple of condescending, unexplicably arrogant, toe walking nerds. The bearded long hair has a tone and smugness that rubs me all sorts of wrong.


    1. Shawn says:

      Anyone who has dealt with him personally doesn’t like him. Anyone who says they do are only saying it for clout


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