I always find it amusing to see firearm companies attempt to turn their basic staid service pistols into a competition-worthy configuration. Witness how Llama tried to turn the basic M82 into the M87 Comp Gun.

At its heart, the M82/M87 was a Beretta 92 clone with an enclosed slide, steel frame, and configured frame tang. On the plus side, the M87 kept the front sight on the compensator body and incorporated a Swenson style thumb safety. The triggers were said to be quite light, around 2.5 pounds. However, Llama couldn’t be bothered to delete the slide-mounted safety/decocker. Nor did they wish to invest in a dedicated frame; hence, the tacked on grip tang beavertail. I doubt it could hold up to the 175 Power Factor Major 9x19mm of the day any more than the Beretta 92X can with modern lower PF Major 9mm loads.

1990 ad


  1. Shawn says:

    people buy Llamas?


    1. D.E. Watters says:

      Not when the suggested retail was $1,450 back in 1989…


      1. Shawn says:

        I wouldnt buy a Llama for 14.50


  2. In all the IPSC matches I went to from 1993 to 1998, I can’t think of a single Beretta 92 or clone I saw on the ranges.


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